Who We Are »

We are an alliance of critical thinkers dedicated to helping business leaders improve the robustness of their strategies and increase the odds of success. We’re experts at fostering innovation. We also know where problems might lurk—and how to avoid them.

What We Do »

We help organizations apply the lessons derived from our research, thereby dodging problems and reshaping strategies in ways that greatly increase the chances of success. We make you a more effective executive.

Featured Team Member »

Chunka_MuiChunka Mui is a co-founder and managing director of the Devil’s Advocate Group. He is the co-author of three important books on business strategy. He lectures widely, and he has spent more than two decades as a consultant on strategy and innovation.

How We Help »

Innovation Catalyst »

We help companies think big and start small—so they can learn fast.

Strategic Stress Test »

Our Strategic Stress Test is a fast, thorough, and objective assessment of a proposed or ongoing strategic initiative.

Executive Briefings and Workshops »

We deliver briefings to boards of directors, management teams, and even entire organizations that enhance the context and content for innovation and strategic success.